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Shaping Society Through the Church

What is today known as The Diaspora Europe Presbytery all began in Antwerp, Belgium way back in 2004.This came as a result of the fact that Christians with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon(PCC) background living in Antwerp  found it difficult to adapt to the liturgy and style of worship of the various denominations they had tried worshipping with. Today the seed that was planted not without adversities has grown and  is still growing. Divided into three Parishes ; Belgium, German and Scandinavia the Diaspora Europe as at now boasts of 14 Congregations and the United Kingdom branch.

Under the guidance of Rev Naela Lyonga, a new Prayer Cell was started in Holland on  the  18th August 2019, 

Belgium Parish

1. PC Antwerp

2. PC Ghent

3. PC Leuven

4. PC Brussels

Scandinavia Parish

1.  PC Copenhagen

2.PC Helsinki

3.PC Stockholm

4. PC Malmo

5. PC Gothenburg

German Parish

1. PC Stuttgart

2. PC Ruhrgebiet

3. PC Berlin

4. PC Oldenburg

5. PC Manheim

United Kingdom


The Netherlands


Prayer Cell 

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