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Church service 2017 Convention
Welcoming the Moderator

Stuttgart Germany

August 2017

The first Diaspora Europe Presbytery Annual Convention was held in Stuttgart , Germany( German Parish)in  August 2017, presided at by the Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Reverend Babila George Fochang.  Being the first of its kind the event pulled an interesting crowd from all Diaspora Europe  Congregations. Its main activities were  the CWF /CMF  Rallies which preceded  the Bible Quizzes of all the two movements.  Sporting activities as well as merry making characterize the annual even and also gives room for Christians to familiarize themselves with worship environments of sister congregations and also evangelize.

Helsinki Findland

July 2018

The second DEAC took place in Helsinki , Finland(Scandinavia Parish) in July 2018  and was presided  at by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, The Rt Rev. Fonki Samuel accompanied by all pastors of the PCC studying in Europe.

Evangelism , CWF/ CMF Rallies and other activities crowned  the event.

The Command baton was handed to The Belgium Parish and the third Convention will be hosted by Antwerpen from August 2-4 . From all indication all is set for the event that will bring together all congregations of the Diaspora Europe Presbytery.

It must be noted that  rallies of the movements come during summer because the weather by then is conducive for such an event and do not come up the same time as in Cameroon.

During the colourful  event all pastors be it on secondment or on studies attend and this gives the event an added impetus .

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