Hotels and Hostels

In General, Antwerpen is not such a large city and there is a good public transportation network in the city. So no matter where you lodge in the city, you will always be close to the venue of the convention.

As for now, these are some recommendations: 

# Ambassador suites Antwerpen - Suitable for families for it has apartments

# Antwerpen city hostel and The Ash Hostel - These are hostels, with open rooms containing different number of beds which you pay per bed

  • # Follow the links below or click on the button

  • Booking will be easier and cheaper through;

For instance a family of 4 lodging  from 2nd – 4th August will cost an average of €200.

  1. Ambassador Hotels

  2. Century Hotel

  3. City Appartments Antwerpen

  4. Condor Gardens Antwerp


  6. Budget Flats Antwerp Apartment

  7. Budget Housing – Includes some of the above links

  • The Following are Hostels – Single Rooms with multiple Beds

  1. Boomerang Hostel

    • This is a – Shared room with different beds/per room configuration – check out on

  2. The Ash Hotel Antwerp

  3. Antwerp City Hostel

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